Meta Enhances Safety Hub with New Resources for Journalists and Public Figures


Meta has expanded its Safety Hub mini-site by introducing new elements designed to provide additional safety resources for journalists and public figures using its apps. This initiative comes in response to the increased risk journalists face due to their profession.

The Meta Safety Center now offers a dedicated advice section for journalists, aiming to help them minimise  risk and harm while using Meta’s apps. Meta acknowledges that journalists are more susceptible to harm because of their occupation and wants to ensure they have the necessary tools and resources to protect their sources, contacts, logins, and personal information.

A comprehensive 48-page Safety Guide for journalists is included in the section, covering all aspects of Meta app usage. Links to Meta’s suite of account security tools, such as Facebook Protect, are also provided. These tools offer enhanced safety measures for individuals more likely to be targeted by hackers.

The section contains information on how journalists can register their details with Meta and the Meta Journalism Project, an initiative aimed at providing protection and resources for journalists.

Meta’s Safety Hub features sections dedicated to vulnerable communities, including youth, women, and LGBTQ+ safety, in addition to general safety and security tips. The platform also contains numerous links to external support resources and tools designed to help all users manage their in-app experiences.

The inclusion of a dedicated section for journalists acknowledges the unique challenges they face in today’s polarised  environment. Journalists are often unfairly demonised for their work and wrongly depicted as representatives of specific regimes or organisations.

While the rise of partisan journalism has blurred the lines between unbiased reporting and biased agendas, the majority of journalists remain independent thinkers seeking truth and transparency. However, increasing criticism and targeting of journalists by influential figures attempting to discredit media coverage necessitates the provision of safety resources for those in the profession.

To explore all of Meta’s Safety Center resources, visit their website.